Saturday, June 26, 2010

just the beginning [of the end]

i haven't posted to this blog in over a year - how strange. time truly does fly.

things got so hectic for a while there and before i knew it, the wedding was over and i didn't know where to even start back up again.

with that being said, this blog was meant to share my wedding planning experiences and inspirations. i hate that i didn't make it all the way through this process with everyone, but i guess i should at least show a small glimpse of that magical day if anyone out there is still checking this from time to time (if you are out there, you are wonderful).

in the meantime, i will now be blogging at and i would love it if you would stop by and say hi.

oh yeah - you can also go here to see more pictures and details from our wedding day. click here for our smilebooth photos. if you have any questions about the wedding or the planning, please don't hesitate to ask.