Tuesday, April 14, 2009


[image via alyssa giannini's flickr]

i had a nightmare last night and i'm still feeling very anxious about it.

it was our wedding day. everyone was there. but there was no food. cake. photographer. nothing. and randomly i was in a black dress. this is a sign that i have not been productive AT ALL with our wedding planning. as of last friday, we are exactly 6 months away from our wedding! save the dates haven't even been sent! gasp.

this weekend it's time to get serious.

i have been failing at finding a healthy balance.

how do you find time to balance work, relationships, sleep, and work?

Monday, April 13, 2009

distractions and fractions


happy monday! i hope everyone out there had an awesome weekend! this was the first weekend in almost 2 months that was not completely booked up by the house - weird, but awesome feeling!

outside of the standard numerous family commitments surrounding holidays, jason and i got to cook our favorite breakfast in the new house (2 days in a row!) for the first time! scramled tofu + guacamole + wheat toast + raspberry with pear brandy preserves! omg.


also, my favorite best friend in the world was super awesome and put j and i on the sub pop guest list (she's amazing like that and lucky enough to work for sub pop!) to see flight of the conchords at the fox theater. omg again. we laughed until we cried and just had a blast. it was officially our first night out together, alone, doing something really fun since the stress of the house. for this awesome night, i am forever indebted to sasha (even though i think i'm sure that was already the case, determined at some point in college). either way, thank you sash. as soon as i get fully situated, expect a surprise! and i hope you don't kill me, but here's the infamous picture where people for some reason think we look like sisters - good times. haha.

p.s. since moving our internet has yet to be turned on. after this wednesday, i will be able to update more! also, so far (knock on wood) the only item that we have discovered that did not survive the move was my brand new computer sadly. thank goodness for warranties, but the delay has been torturous and painful. i've been trying to stay positivee and i'm hoping that they will be able to salvage the computer and everything on it *fingers crossed*. this may not fully excuse my gaps in posts, but it is what it is.

Monday, April 6, 2009

back to reality

first off, i wanted to start today by saying thank you (x infinity) to any and all of you that stepped up last week to help show your love and support for jason and me! we are forever in awe and grateful. i also want to congratulate sam and kaitlyn on their upcoming free wedding!!! they are such an adorable couple (with a ridiculously cute little boy) and i hope that their wedding is all they could dream of and more!

j and i had a blast participating in the contest, but at the end of the day, we are super stoked to be able to plan our own wedding that is all about the things we love. and we will continue to do just that and share those plans with you guys! the save the dates will be going out this month and i can't wait to show everyone!

now that we're back in the mindset of that fall wedding (which i'll be honest, a fall wedding instead of a may wedding allows for me to get in back in shape before putting on a wedding dress so that's another plus!), i found a wonderful wedding to pull inspiration from!



[all images via fifth business's flickr]

i love the leaves on the ground with the huge trees in the background! the bike signs are so perfect and i love the streamers and tin cans. these bikes can give tandem bikes a run for their money any day.

happy monday!

p.s. jason and i are fully out of the apartment (yay for not being responsible for 2 residences) and made the commute to work from our house for the first time this morning! weird. also, it's so easy to forget that unpacking takes even longer than packing. sighs. at least there are no time contraints!

Friday, April 3, 2009


it's amazing how much we crave stability. jason and i have almost fully packed up every pen, pot, and pillow. we are in the final stretch.

all we can daydream about is sleeping in, cooking dinner together, reading our daily dalai lama quotes (we have A LOT of catching up to do), listening to the birds in our backyard while eating breakfast, gardening, laying around while jason plays the harmonica, planning our next tallulah gorge hike, watching movies, going camping, riding bikes, and just being able to hang out with our friends and eachother. our lives have been so hectic that our brains and our bodies are just simply exhausted. i know that nothing can prepare you for times like this, but the good news is that we are so adaptable and we'll get through it like we always do. one day this will all just be a memory...and a damn good one at that.

this phosporescent video says it all. we may not technically be a-roaming, but we sure are ready to be home.

have a wonderful weekend and i promise to be back with some awesome wedding-related info next week. xo

p.s. only 2 more days to vote, so if you want to help out some folks who could sure use a free wedding, please vote for jason and me here!!!! i know we're awfully behind, but apparently votes won't fully determine the winner so every vote counts. it's not over 'til it's over, right?

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

go figure

so now that i'm home from the retailer convention that i attended this week, i am sick. super sick.

i guess when you're on your feet, giving the same presentation every 8 minutes for 11 hours within 2 days (no, i'm not kidding and somehow i still have my voice), getting sick seems pretty inevitable!

with that being said, jason and i now have to move tonight!!! hopefully we'll miss the rain! fingers crossed.

life will be normal soon. life will be normal soon. or so i keep telling myself.

it still hasn't hit me that last night was the last time we'll be sleeping in our apartment. good things to come...

broken record

[image via susan's flickr page and poster via buyolympia]

"people often say that, in a democracy, decisions are made by a majority of the people. of course, this is not true. decisions are made by a majority of those who make themselves heard and who vote - a very different thing" - walter h. judd

with that being said, please go to http://www.thenotwedding.blogspot.com/ and VOTE for nicole (me) and jason to win a FREEEEE wedding! we have fallen a good bit behind, so we could every vote we could get! please spread the word! tell your mom, your best friend, and your brother's girlfriend's niece! apparently, the final decision won't be solely based on votes (fingers crossed), but every vote helps! xoxo

[image via thenotwedding.com]

p.s. for all of those who have already voted, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! i think jason said it best when he told me that even if we don't win - after seeing all of the support from our friends and family and by having eachother, we've already won...he couldn't be more right.