Monday, April 13, 2009

distractions and fractions


happy monday! i hope everyone out there had an awesome weekend! this was the first weekend in almost 2 months that was not completely booked up by the house - weird, but awesome feeling!

outside of the standard numerous family commitments surrounding holidays, jason and i got to cook our favorite breakfast in the new house (2 days in a row!) for the first time! scramled tofu + guacamole + wheat toast + raspberry with pear brandy preserves! omg.


also, my favorite best friend in the world was super awesome and put j and i on the sub pop guest list (she's amazing like that and lucky enough to work for sub pop!) to see flight of the conchords at the fox theater. omg again. we laughed until we cried and just had a blast. it was officially our first night out together, alone, doing something really fun since the stress of the house. for this awesome night, i am forever indebted to sasha (even though i think i'm sure that was already the case, determined at some point in college). either way, thank you sash. as soon as i get fully situated, expect a surprise! and i hope you don't kill me, but here's the infamous picture where people for some reason think we look like sisters - good times. haha.

p.s. since moving our internet has yet to be turned on. after this wednesday, i will be able to update more! also, so far (knock on wood) the only item that we have discovered that did not survive the move was my brand new computer sadly. thank goodness for warranties, but the delay has been torturous and painful. i've been trying to stay positivee and i'm hoping that they will be able to salvage the computer and everything on it *fingers crossed*. this may not fully excuse my gaps in posts, but it is what it is.

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Victory Bird said...

My fiance was there on Saturday night!! I skipped out, but he raved, said it was incredible. Love those boys, haha!