Tuesday, March 10, 2009

be our guest

the idea of making a diy guestbook is something that i'm really excited about making. of course it'd be great if i could actually make and bind a book, but that's just not realistic.

one wonderful resource is blurb.com! they allow you to incorporate any/all personal touches into a well-made, finished book for your guests to sign. i've seen so many brides are using this option for their guestbook. jesse and deanna [whose wedding i've posted about before!] used blurb to include many of their ticket stubs, pictures, and items that reminded them of the years leading up to their wedding. it looks awesome!
[images via jesse and deanna's blog]

another fun option is from guestbookstore.com! they have fun template pages that your guests can fill out and it allows the guests to show their creative sides and offer advice to the couple.
[images via guestbookstore.com]

plus, i couldn't picture anything cuter for the guests to use to fill out the pages with these rustic colored pencils!
[image via estiloweddings.com]

seems like a mixture of the two would be the most fun, but we'll see!

what resources are you using for a guestbook at your wedding? i'd love to know about other options!


mismikado said...

I'm planning on making little "mini" books at each table called "his & hers" where guests will tell stories about how they know us. Loved the idea of using crayons but it gonna be outdoors on May 29th in Texas... let's not have a melted wax situation :)

What he ate, what I ate. said...

I love an original guest book. These are both great ideas!