Monday, March 23, 2009

tunes to get me through

after the grind of working on the house this weekend - i never want to paint trim again as long as i live. regardless, none of this makes being at work any easier today. but i will put on my ipod and i will carry on.

i'm excited about wednesday! jason and i are taking somewhat of a break from the house [ok, well maybe not all evening] but we are going to see phospherescent at the drunken unicorn venue in downtown atlanta! not only are they from athens [my college town] but one of my best friends, scott, is in the band and i haven't seen him in many years! if you haven't ever listened to them, you should definitely check them out.

in the meantime, here's a greatttt cover song to help get you through this manic monday. enjoy!

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Victory Bird said...

I love Band of Horses (and live exactly down the street from Drunken Unicorn on Ponce!)! Have fun!