Wednesday, March 11, 2009


so i figured that today would be as good a day as any other to tell you how jason and i met. there are some things within this story that are somewhat embarrassing, but i could never leave them out. now that all cards are on the table, here goes...

it was the my 2nd semester of my junior year of college. being a psychology major, i was taking mr. achee's class "history of psychology." all semester i had noticed this cute boy who sat in the row next to me, but one seat up. when he actually showed up to class [which was somewhat rare], he would arrive in slippers and therefore, he intrigued me. one day i noticed that he had a button on his bag for a band that i loved and i knew we'd be able to at least have somethings in common. so everyday i would try to get up the nerve to talk to him or give him a flier to my roommate's 21st birthday party, but i failed every single day.

finally it was the last week of classes before the final exam and my opportunities were running short. he didn't show up for the tuesday class which meant i had one more chance. that night i was on FB [gasp] and i clicked on the link to show people in your classes and he was the first person that showed up on the screen! this was a bit shocking considering i'd embarrsingly enough tried looking for him before with no avail. so i figured i had nothing to lose and i emailed him.

he tried to play like he didn't quite know who i was which i knew was a front, but either way we joked about how many times mr. achee had gone over the dang müller-lyer illusion and the communication door had been opened. so on thursday, the last day of class, we got out early and we walked out together and that's when he asked me to get a beer [at 10:00 in the morning]! being that i was still 20, i instead suggested lunch and it was a blast. we were instantly connected and we would end up spending each day for over 2 weeks hanging out until 6:00 AM every night/ morning to end with awkward "buddy pat" hugs. eventually we ended up making the first move for the kiss and we have been inseparable since.

here's some random/ insane things surrounding the first meeting:
1. j grew up in lawrenceville, ga and i grew up in alpharetta, ga [it is about 20-25 minutes drive between the two cities]; however, both of jason's aunts and grandparents [both on his mom's side] live on my parents' street! his one aunt lives across the street and 2 houses down from the house i grew up in [where my parents still live]!!
2. in fact there were times that j stayed with his aunt while working in atlanta during the summer and my mom saw him and thought it was a shame that i was away at college. he also heard me and some friends setting off fireworks one night across the street and complained to his mom about it over the phone.
3. j and i had both been trying to talk to eachother all semester and had both told our moms about eachother. see - i told you he knew who i was when i messaged him!
4. since he had no interest in FB, j's cousin had actually created his FB account for him only a few days before i messaged him.

anyways, i feel so lucky that our paths crossed the way they did. regardless of whether or not one believes in fate, it seems like many things aligned to have us meet exactly when we did. and i am forever thankful for mr.achee and that müller-lyer illusion drawing:
also, just for fun. here is jason and i on one of our very first dates [put-put golf at pirate's cove]:
have a wonderful day!

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Julia (Color Me Green) said...

so cute! it reminds me of how i met an exboyfriend in college(he sent me a message on friendster, but we would have met the next semester anyway bc we had a class together.)