Thursday, January 1, 2009

little virtues

happy new year! it's hard to believe that 2008 passed so quickly. i am so thankful for all that 2008 gave me and i am even more excited for all of that 2009 promises. i ended 2008 with three of the most important positive reminders to strive for during this next year and for each year that follows:

1. volunteer! we donated a goat to a help sustain a family (via

2. inspire! i wore a necklace given to me by jason with the words that i hope to always abide by (via Kathy Bransfield/ Gandhi):

3. love unconditionally! i spent the night with some of my closest friends, but most importantly, i had the best new years kiss. with the passing of another year, i further realize that the time we get with the people we love is always limited and that wasting any of that time on anything but laughter and joy is completely unnecessary and unfortunate. with the countdown of those last seconds, i promised to let any negativity leave with 2008. life is oh too good to let the bad stuff get in the way:

i have a very important [and lengthy! yikes] list of resolutions for 2009. more to come on that later! in the meantime, i've got some vegan bbq black-eyed pea collard rolls with homemade mashed potatoes and corn-jalapeno gravy to make! helping out your chances of luck and security for the upcoming year never hurts! hope you enjoy today with the things that bring you the most happiness.

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