Wednesday, January 28, 2009

i do


so i want to apologize for my negative nicole post on monday. i was still recovering from the reclusive week before. i also want to say i'm sorry to jason [not that he reads this] but i left out the most important things that get me through the hard times: j's undying support, his ability to make me laugh always, his hugs and kisses, and his unconditional love. i feel so lucky to get to marry him.

in the meantime, i feel so lucky to be a (very-soon-to-be) homeowner with him!!! in other words - we got the house!!! we have the inspection tomorrow so we're still keeping our fingers crossed that it all goes well, but we couldn't be happier! i will post pictures eventually i promise!

now we'll actually have a better idea of what we need to register for!

we are registered at target, bb&b, and will probably register at macy's sometime in the future. we registered for like 3 things right after we got engaged and my dad still keeps bugging me to register for more because some of his friends still want to get us engagement gifts (even though we got engaged last may) - it's crazy! i wanted to register for a tent immediately, but my parents said that gifts like a tent aren't appropriate for a wedding registry. i didn't realize there were guidelines to registering for wedding gifts. it seems like you should be able to register for anything that will help build your new life together! either way, we were able to compromise, because i won a tent off of a giveaway and my dad didn't have to see a tent on our registry!

i know so many people dream about getting to register for gifts - i mean who doesn't love free gifts, right? well for some reason, it is a thorn in my side. i'll do it, but it still just feels so early still. the truth is, if there's something i really want - i'd just assume go get it now myself. we did create (it's not finished) an website so that we could pick a charity and have a percentage of the gifts' costs given to help a cause we believe in so that should be awesome.

i'm hoping this new house will help inspire us and i'm sure we'll find out there are tons of things we just need. ok, well not need, but would really like!

was there anything that helped get you motivated to register? also, what was the craziest/ least-traditional thing you registered for?


Julia (Color Me Green) said...

that sucks they didnt want you to register for a tent! i'm glad you got one anyway! camping is the best. sorry i dont really have much advice. I love cooking so i can't wait to register for all sorts of kitchen goodies - and i think i'd also like to register for nice new linens and pottery.

Cassie said...

Congrats on the house!!!