Tuesday, January 6, 2009

second guesses

this new orleans wedding is absolutely stunning. i am this close to making our wedding a new orleans destination celebration...well not really, but this wedding makes it so tempting. hope you enjoy the fantastic eye candy as much as i did. i love the veil and bicycle ribbons! since we will be staying at the b&b after the wedding there will not be a formal exit; however, if we had an exit, hands down it would have to be a tandem bicycle!
have you seen a more beautiful bride? happiness just radiates from the bride and groom.

j has never been to new orleans and i know he'd absolutely love it. maybe we'll try to make it down there sometime this year, because after seeing this wedding i feel like a walk in the french quarter and a beignet at cafe du monde are in order!

[images by http://www.abryanphoto.blogspot.com/]

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