Thursday, February 26, 2009

i want to go to there

i know i've mentioned before that jason and i [maybe more so me] were sold on the farmhouse inn venue as soon as we saw it. no other venue could compare in my eyes [and heart]! anyways, a few months ago snippetandink posted the following wedding on their site and it was at the farmhouse! it just made us even more excited to see the lovely photo ops and we can't wait to celebrate our special day there!

i hope you enjoy these photos by melissa schollaer photography as much as i do!

p.s. i hope you "30 rock" fans enjoyed my post title!

"i am at two with nature" - woody allen


Tiffany said...

i have been saying "i want to go to there" for weeks! lol thats what made me look but it was a great post

Julia (Color Me Green) said...

oh it looks amazing! i love rustic farm venues. and i especially love the ceremony set up in front of the big tree.

Mara (Coffee with Mara) said...

awesome pics!

christina said...

thanks for your note!

the dog rocker blog is primarily my partner's blog. she's a retired professional musician & started a dog walking business as a 2nd career!!

good luck with rescuing a's the BEST!

Victory Bird said...

Um yes, I want to go to there too! It's great to see another October Atlanta bride with fab style! I'm totally obsessed with these gorgeous rustic chic weddings!

writtenbliss said...

Hey! Love your site. These photos actually remind me of my friends' house -- and made me almost wish that we'd decided to hold our wedding there instead of at a renovated barn in a city park. I haven't read too far back in your archives, so I can't wait to read more about your plans!