Wednesday, February 25, 2009

sunday brunch

although i've always wanted an outdoor, night wedding with the string lights making the event glow, the thought of a sunday brunch wedding keeps looking better and better. for one, the vendor prices are more wallet-friendly and it just makes everything look more cheerful!

j and i aren't doing placecards or assigned seating, but if we were, this would be so cute for a sunday brunch wedding!
[image and idea from]

the below inspiration board from snippetandink is amazing! it is everything lovely and the outdoor picnic/ brunch setting is timeless. hmm...maybe it would be best to go this route...

did you find any inspiration during your wedding planning process that made you reconsider some things you'd always thought would be in your wedding?

"good plans shape good decisions. that's why good planning helps to make elusive dreams come true" - anonymous


Julia (Color Me Green) said...

i like the idea of brunch weddings in theory. i think they're cute and work great for lots of people. but personally, i just can't give up my dream of an all-out nighttime party with lots of drinking and dancing, that's my non-negotiable.

however, i am open to the reality that the venue/catering/other stuff might not end up the way i'm dreaming now, when it actually comes time to plan the wedding, because of costs.

Anonymous said...

sometimes I feel sad that we won't have a chance to do twinkly lights or a midnight snack of donuts, but then I think about how much less expensive our lunch time cocktail reception will be and I get over it :)

Brenn said...

In my perfect world I could have an early ceremony and a brunch reception and then a casual bbq party at night for the dancing/drinking. A girl can dream right?!

nicole said...

thanks so much for your feedback! it is such a double-edged sword! i'll let you know what the final verdict is!