Sunday, February 22, 2009

live simply that others might simply live

readymade magazine asked different artists to recreate the populist poster art during the great depression. below are some of the resulting posters [my favorites!]. all are available from readymade to download for free so check them out!

i can't wait to frame this first print to hang up in our new house! i think the message is timeless and dead on. i have already started donating garbage bags [4 already!] full of clothing, shoes, and more to the local goodwill. i am really trying to live more simply and in turn, more conscientously! at the end of the day, i've already got everything that i could ever need.



[images via]
[header quote via elizabeth seaton]

have any of you recently made any attempts to simplify your life? if so, which changes had the biggest impact on your standard of living?


Julia (Color Me Green) said...

i love these posters. i don't feel like i've made any changes to simplify my own life recently, though i did get my guy to donate some of his overflowing wardrobe last weekend.

nicole said...

hey - that's a start! i've got that on my agenda to get j to reduce his side of the closet before we move.

Anonymous said...

Ohmygosh! Thank you so much for linking to these... I love them!!

christina said...

these are awesome. thanks for posting...

i've been walking to work (grateful that i can), working on potting a patio garden & decided not to buy anything new (except shampoo & the like)...that's a few ways we've been simplifying...

living in la, it's hard to completely give up the car, but i'm looking for a used bike online, so i can ride to the grocery store...but my car runs on veggie oil!!